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Caring, Experienced Legal Representation

Suzanne I. Seubert focuses her practice in the areas of elder law and family law. She represents parents, minors, and the elderly with such issues as guardianship, adoption, divorce, property division, custody, support, probate and estate planning. She regularly represents clients in the Court of Chancery and Family Court.

Ms. Seubert strives to work with clients as a team to deal with the complexities and challenges that accompany their legal matters. Under her guidance, Suzanne's firm combines experience and diligence with a caring, thorough approach to find the best legal strategy for the client and his or her situation and needs.

Suzanne concentrates her practice and energy in the areas:

Beginning with the first consultation, Suzanne asks a range of questions and listens carefully to the answers. She takes time to educate her clients about the issues related to their situations, so they can make informed decisions about how best to proceed. Involvement in several legal organizations helps Suzanne be aware of changes and advances in the law relevant to her areas of practice.

Lawyer Suzanne I. Seubert and her staff are dedicated to maintaining an organized practice that efficiently addresses clients' legal needs. They work with clients to understand their concerns, assert their legal rights, and keep them informed each step of the way. Her firm provides assistance to clients regardless of their backgrounds or personal preferences. Steps are taken to maintain the confidentiality of each client.

Contact a member of the staff at the office of Suzanne I. Seubert to schedule an appointment with Ms. Seubert. If you are facing legal issues in Delaware but live out of state, a phone consultation can be arranged.

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